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For believers, this present world is only a temporary space and we are on our way to our real home.

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Our Lives Here Are Short

By Brother Harry | May 26, 2023

Our Lives Here Are Short This life is short. When I look back over the years, I can’t even recall all of the events. And I as I grow closer to the end of it, I realize I need to make every day count for something. I don’t mean something here that will die when…

Focus on Jesus

Every day is a wonderful opportunity to give thanks to God for the grace that was given to us by Jesus Christ. An opportunity to tell the world about his mercy and his sacrifice for us.

However, we sometimes get tangled up in the affairs of this life to the point that we become unfruitful, which diminishes our value to the kingdom of our Father and his Son Jesus.

Naturally we began to seek fulfilment in as many earthly things as we can, because we've detached ourselves from the only truly fulfilling source in our lives, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

There are so many voices in the world today, it is easy for us to become distracted and even captivated by those voices, and believe things that aren't Truth.

I'm lead by the Grace of God through the Spirit of our Lord Jesus to encourage as many as I can, in the Truth of Jesus Christ, as long as I remain and am able to do so.

All of the articles found in this site are written to inspire hope and faith in believers, and perhaps if God permits, to convert unbelievers to believers for the purpose of saving as many as God will call and send.

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