Our Lives Here Are Short

This life is short. When I look back over the years, I can't even recall all of the events. And I as I grow closer to the end of it, I realize I need to make every day count for something. I don't mean something here that will die when I die, or that will fade away some years after I do.

I mean something eternal. Something that will never die or fade away. I mean... Jesus. If I spend this life building castles in the sand, then I've wasted all of the precious time God has generously provided to me. If I have all the money, and a large house, fancy automobiles and the best clothes, what do I really have?

I know that when I'm gone, someone else will have them. I won't take them with me. They won't be a sufficient ransom for my soul when standing before the judgement seat of Christ. He doesn't need them, nor does he require us to have them. All of those things are distractions that take us away from the love of God that is found in Christ Jesus.

This life is short. Don't waste it chasing the things that never mattered in the end. The only thing that matters in the end is the end result. Life eternal with God the Father or eternal damnation. One of those are the final destination, and everything we do and don't do during this life determines that destination.

Repent and believe the gospels of Jesus Christ. That is the only way and the only real duty of a man.

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